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Owning an investment property

can be a fantastic experience… when managed well! Avoid the headache, stress and loss of time that can come with logistical nightmares by utilising Red Bricks’ experienced team of qualified Property Managers. As investors ourselves, we appreciate the importance of
asset management and take care of each property as if it were our own. Take the unnecessary stress out of property management and let our team take care of it
for you.

Many landlords aren’t aware that property management fees can be tax deductible. This in turn maximises annual profit and gives you much needed peace of mind!


Red Bricks utilises a range of outlets to share comprehensive marketing of your property, ensuring wefind the right tenants!

We also offer detailed background checks of prospective tenants to support the overall process.

Rent Collecting

Red Bricks takes care of rent collection, on either a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Each month you receive rent as well as streamlined statements, making your annual tax return that much easier.


Red Bricks completes robust quarterly property inspections, supported by
photographic evidence to give you peace of mind. We recognise the
thoroughness and consistency that goes into regular inspections and are proactive in mitigating future problems.

Repairs and Maintenance

Red Bricks will liaise with you over repairs and maintenance in excess of $300NZD and ensure invoices are shared monthly with you. We pride ourselves on transparency and taking care of the upkeep of your property!

Tenancy Renewals

Red Bricks is proactive with tenancy renewals, generally working to 12-month contracts. If tenants need to terminate contracts early, our agreements ensure tenants are aware of theirfinancial obligations – leaving you with minimal short fall.

Methamphetamine & Asbestos Testing

Red Bricks looks after our landlords and their legal responsibilities, encouraging a range of hazardous testing is undertaken to protect both your asset and your future tenants.

Why stress over this when Red Bricks can support you?


Red Bricks is astute in understanding property legislation and landlord obligations – and the frequency in which it can change. Our experienced team of qualified Property Managers are here to advise you, making you aware of compliance needs and any legislation changes, helping you avoid any hiccups further down the track.

Landlord Booklet

Want more information about our services? Download our Landlord Booklet and you will have all the details you need to make an informed decision.

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