Jamie Armstrong

Office Manager

Jamie’s zealous nature is highlighted through her go-getter attitude and wealth of experience throughout the Real Estate sector. She first cut her teeth in 2012, engaging in Commercial Real Estate. This time equipped Jamie with expertise in tenancy and leasing legislation, city and zoning legislation, council planning and Earthquake Commission ratings. Her analytical prowess and knack for numbers has made her popular amongst investors in the residential space, supported by her forecasted rental yields and return on investments.

Further to this, Jamie has skills in sales consultancy, administration, office management, and looking after an extensive property portfolio. Prior to working in the industry, Jamie’s background included working as a Marine Technician, with a degree in a Bachelor of Science from The University of Waikato. Her studious manner brings an eye for detail to our team and, with a plethora of experience under her belt, we’re lucky to have an expert in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing our property campaigns and administration.

Not only is Jamie the cement of the Red Bricks family, she is fuelled by having projects on the go and is not one to wait for an opportunity to come to her – she finds it! This proactive manner sees her embark on a range of activities, including: landscape design, furnishings and upholstery, and pottery. Outside of work, Jamie enjoys healthy living and an active lifestyle, with her partner and canine companion. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors has resulted in her SCUBA Diving Certification and Rescue Dive Certificate. If you’re looking to dive into the property market, rest assured that Jamie’s extensive managerial skills will have your bases covered.