Adelle Rees

Property Management Division

With extensive experience in property management, Adelle brings to the Red Bricks team passion, expertise and

efficient systems. She is well-versed in the nuances of legislation, the Healthy Homes standards, vetting tenants, as well as

collections and maintenance. Her depth of experience in property portfolios of serious scope, and background in

communications and customer service, demonstrates Adelle’s efficiency and warmth. Her particular attention to detail,

affable nature and knowledge of the industry is an incredible asset to our team and our clients.


Adelle’s ability to connect and relate to others is well-received in the rental sector; when assets and people are

involved, this can become a role that requires both sensitivity and proactive professionalism. Her vocational depth in

property management was built on her success in customer service and sales; transferable skills of an astute and driven

individual. Adelle doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is expert in front-footing a conversation.


Relocating from Taranaki to the Waikato, Adelle is fond of the rural settings, lifestyle and freedom to escape to new

destinations in multiple directions – and, they’re only a few hours’ drive! Her adventurous and kind manner is showcased

through her social sporting endeavours, love of travel and giving new things a go. While a dream holiday would be

anywhere new with places to explore, she makes owning a rental property a dream by taking care of any stress, ensuring

your asset is well-looked after and in experienced hands.